SNP Plans for new Low Moss in turmoil

Low Moss prison sign

All contractors for the new prison have been told to resubmit cheaper bids


The Scottish Liberal Democrats can reveal that plans to build a new prison at Low Moss in Bishopbriggs are in chaos as the extent of the SNP funding fiasco become clear.

Three contractors had tendered bids to build the new prison and the result of the tendering process was expected on Monday (5th January). However, all three contractors have been told that their proposed plans are far too expensive and should resubmit bids at a significantly lower price.

This news comes after Tavish Scott MSP and Jo Swinson MP visited the proposed site of the new prison as they expressed the growing local concern over the naming of the new prison.

Jo, who has campaigned vigorously against the proposed name of the new prison, said:

“The SNP’s funding crisis must not have any negative impact on the quality of the new prison at Low Moss. The views of Bishopbriggs residents are already being ignored over the name of the new prison and now they face the prospect of living next to a prison that is being built on the cheap.

“The outbreak at the St Mary’s Kenmure unit for young people in Bishopbriggs last year showed the real security risks that can be faced by people living near to secure facilities. The SNP funding crisis must not put public safety in danger.”

Commenting on the funding crisis faced by the SNP, Scottish Liberal Democrat Finance spokesperson Jeremy Purvis MSP said:

“It is already clear that infrastructure programmes across Scotland are being put at risk by the funding fiasco surrounding the new Forth Crossing. It is now clear that this squeeze on the budget is seeping into other building programmes.

“The funding for the new prison at Low Moss is in turmoil. How long is it before schools and hospitals are affected by the SNP’s complete failure to find a way to adequately fund public projects.

“SNP spending plans are in meltdown, the budget is in jeopardy and any shred of credibility the SNP had over the running of the financial affairs of Scotland has now been lost.”

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