SNP public works delays causing concern for local business

A Kirkintilloch business involved in the construction industry is bracing itself for a drought of public works projects because of the SNP’s failure to get its Scottish Futures Trust up and running.

That was the message given to Jo Swinson as she visited Robeslee Concrete in Kirkintilloch. Robeslee Concrete manufactures a wide range of precast concrete products and has supplied public building projects across Scotland and the north of England, including the new schools currently being constructed in East Dunbartonshire.

The SNP Government promised that they would match the previous Scottish Govt building plans for schools and hospitals “brick for brick” with their proposal for a Scottish Futures Trust (SFT). However, new public building has come to a complete halt since the SNP came to power 18 months ago. Confusion and delays surrounding the SFT have led to criticism of the scheme within Scotland’s construction industry.

Commenting after the visit to Robeslee Concrete, Jo said:

“During today’s visit I listened to very real concerns from a business on the front line of the construction industry over the delays and confusion surrounding the SNP’s Scottish Futures Trust. There are worries in the industry about what effect the gap in commissioning new public infrastructure projects will have.

“The SNP has admitted that the first school to be built under SFT will not even be commissioned until next year, but a project can take two to four years from the initial planning stages to completion. If the industry is running out of work now, we do not have time to wait.

“Robeslee Concrete is a major supplier of concrete goods and has supplied concrete products for the construction of the new schools being built in East Dunbartonshire. Like many other businesses, it is facing a challenging time because of the wider economic downturn at the moment, but these challenges are being compounded by the SNP’s delays in setting up the Scottish Futures Trust.

“In tough economic times, public investment can give industry a boost and help to stimulate growth. South of the border, companies are being given the chance to bid for new public building projects like schools and hospitals. Compare that situation to Scotland, where SNP are failing to get investment flowing into public projects, with knock-on consequences for the construction industry.”

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