SNP sitting on millions of pounds that could be spent on vital local services

East Dunbartonshire MP Jo Swinson has called on the SNP Government to use some of the £444million it didn’t spend in its 2013/14 budget to support vital local services.

Figures show that of the £444million left from the SNP government’s £34.5billion budget there was a £165million underspend in Education, £92million underspend in Justice, and £102million underspend in Infrastructure.

Despite the SNP government having almost half a billion pounds at its disposal, they have refused to support our local council with additional funds that could be used to tackle poor roads or reduce class sizes, or help the NHS take action to ease the crisis in Glasgow’s A&E departments.

Jo said:

“The SNP Government should immediately commit to using this unspent money to support stretched local services.

“Local residents are angry about our derelict roads and the Council is overspending on repairing the backlog of potholes. The extra infrastructure money that the SNP have hidden behind the sofa could be given to local councils to help with these problems.

“Despite SNP promises, 89% of P1-P3 pupils in East Dunbartonshire are being taught in classes of more than 18. So surely some of the £165million of unspent education money would come in handy to ease these pressures. 

“The SNP constantly complain about funding from Westminster, but when additional money is available to spend on important areas they have control over, like justice and education, they refuse to use it.” 

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