SNP White Paper doesn’t tackle the tough questions – Jo

The Scottish Government’s Independence White Paper has left voters in East Dunbartonshire none the wiser over what leaving the UK would mean, local MP Jo Swinson said after the document failed to address fundamental questions over currency and other issues.

Following the launch of the paper, Jo warned that by failing to give Scots the answers that had been promised, the SNP are asking people to take a leap into the dark.

Commenting, Jo said:

“The SNP have always promised that the White Paper would answer all the questions that people have over independence. But the glitzy launch will have left people in East Dunbartonshire none the wiser over what leaving the UK would mean for Scotland.

“We needed to see answers over the SNP’s plan B on currency, on what it would mean for things like our place in Europe and our universities. What we got was a wish list that came without a price list and no recognition that the First Minister might not get everything his own way.

“And on their big childcare pledge, the SNP cannot escape from the fact that they could be helping families in Scotland with the cost of childcare right now by matching the steps that Liberal Democrats have taken in the Coalition Government to boost free care.

“Delaying childcare improvements until after the referendum is unnecessary and does families no favours. The message from the SNP seems to be that they will not give children the support they need until they get the result they want at the referendum.”

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