Statement on changes to redundancy packages

Statement on Redundancy Packages from Councillor Vaughan Moody, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Group, East Dunbartonshire Council

“This measure is about protecting local services and jobs.

East Dunbartonshire currently has one of the most generous redundancy packages amongst all of Scotland’s 32 councils, and this action simply takes them to around the average in Scotland, and involves the statutory consultation laid down in law.

The current situation is unsustainable within the budgetary constraints continually being faced by the council in the light of a lack of adequate funding from the SNP Scottish Government.

Out of a spending budget of around £240M, the council currently contributes some £18M in pensions for all its employees, and the redundancy packages have to be paid for by the East Dunbartonshire taxpayer.

I am sure local taxpayers want their money to be spent on local services and not on the most expensive packages in Scotland.

So why is Councillor Low not consulting with them? Maybe he knows he wouldn't like the answer.

Perhaps they would say the Scottish NHS terms - of no added years or weekly payments - is a better solution.

If there are any future redundancies it is because the SNP Council Leader has failed to persuade the SNP government to use its tax raising powers in order to protect public services.”

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