Susan Murray Challenges Council Over Kirkintilloch Town Centre Shambles

Susan Murray has taken up the community’s concerns over traffic problems during the upgrading of Kirkintilloch town centre.

The signage is poor and priorities are not clear. There is a feeling that the area is unsafe for both pedestrians and motorists. No-one is sure who has right of way and the signage that has been put up either blocks other signs or doesn't make any sense.

The Council should make sure that the roadworks and the warning signs are checked every day - even when the Contractor is not working on the site.

Susan has called for clear signage and better supervision of the Contractor by the Council to ensure that the standard of safety is raised.

Susan said: “More common sense is needed for the positioning of signage. Signage should be simple, clear and visible.

“If it is too difficult to have clear and simple signage then the design of the space must be questioned. The works have made things difficult for those who find moving around the town centre a challenge.”

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