Tavish Scott welcomes Jo’s local economy plan

Launch of economic recovery plan in Milngavie town centre

Tavish and others joined with Jo to launch the local Economic Recovery Plan

Tavish Scott, Scottish Lib Dem leader, has backed Jo Swinson’s plan to give a boost to the local economy in Milngavie and Bearsden.

Tavish joined Jo to launch the Liberal Democrats’ East Dunbartonshire Economic Recovery Plan in Milngavie town centre today.

The three-point plan includes:

  • Tax cuts – Liberal Democrats will cut income tax by closing tax loopholes and shifting the tax burden to the most polluting activities.
  • Help for small business – Jo has called for East Dunbartonshire Council to pay local firms within 10 days of invoicing, to help them by ensuring a prompt, steady cashflow.
  • Putting money where it matters – scrapping the Chancellor’s VAT cut would free up £12.5bn to invest in a ‘Green Road out of Recession’, creating jobs through investment in programmes to insulate homes and improve public transport.

Commenting on the launch of the Economic Recovery Plan, Tavish Scott said:

“The Liberal Democrats are the only party putting forward credible proposals to boost local economies while not losing hold of the green thread that runs through all our party’s policies.

“Tax cuts for hard working families, support for small business and investment to create new, green jobs are all vital steps to help local economies cope with the economic downturn.”

Jo added:

“This plan combines help for families and businesses with investment to create jobs. It also ensures that the vital importance of tackling climate change is not forgotten in the difficulties of coping with a recession.

“Instead of the Chancellor’s measly VAT cut, a cut in income tax would give people the extra money they need in their pockets now. Paid for by closing unfair tax loopholes and placing a higher tax burden on the activities that cause most pollution, an income tax cut would give a much bigger boost than tinkering with VAT to save people a few pence here and there.

“Small businesses are the backbone of the local economy in Bearsden and Milngavie. By cutting the time it aims to pay local businesses to 10 days, East Dunbartonshire Council could take a straightforward step that would make a big difference to small local firms. The Council recently rejected this proposal after I wrote to them about it, but I plan on pursuing the matter further with them.”

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