Tesco Milngavie hearing and inquiry to last one week only

The Reporter appointed to the Tesco Milngavie Appeal now expects the hearing and inquiry sessions into the planned extension to Tesco Milngavie to be completed by the end of this week.

Instead of the originally planned duration of the public hearing and inquiry, from 1-4th Feb through to 8-10th Feb, the sessions will now last until this Thursday only.

The schedule now expected is:

Tuesday 1st February


  • Design issues
  • Listed Buildings
  • Conservation area

Wednesday 2nd February


  • Traffic impact

Thursday 3rd February


  • Retail impact

Especially given that there is now less time in which to do so, it would be great if as many people as possible could sit in the audience for these sessions to remind Tesco of the strength of feeling on this matter.

For more information on the planned expansion of Tesco Milngavie, please see the Tesco Milngavie section of my website: www.joswinson.org.uk/tesco_in_milngavie

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