Tesco must hold genuine consultation with community on new Milngavie plans – Jo

Jo has emphasised the need for Tesco to take the community’s views into consideration before developing their new Milngavie plans.

Rather than consulting with local residents following the rejection of their expansion appeal, Tesco have submitted a Proposal of Application Notice to East Dunbartonshire Council for a redevelopment of their existing Milngavie store.

The Notice will move forward plans for the store’s redevelopment, and specifies Tesco’s consultation process, which will detail the new plans and only then hear the views of local and community representatives.

Commenting, Jo said:

“From day one, the Milngavie community has been vocal in its opposition to Tesco’s monstrous expansion plans, and the Scottish Government-appointed Reporter rightly upheld these views when he rejected Tesco’s plans last month.

“The residents of Milngavie are not against the rejuvenation of the existing Tesco store, but the supermarket must allay residents’ fears that they will be ignored again. Rather than recycling their previous plans and holding a token consultation after new plans are designed, Tesco should meaningfully engage with the community before drawing up new plans. Sadly their latest actions suggest that no lessons have been learnt.”

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