Test now for Tesco is listening to the community’s concerns – Jo

At a meeting today with Gloria Coats, Tesco’s Scottish Corporate Affairs Manager, Jo asked for an assurance that Tesco would reach out and seek the views of the community.

Jo also set out the community’s concerns regarding the scale of the redevelopment, and stressed that the consultation process should be meaningful and fully inclusive.

Following the rejection of Tesco’s appeal for a redeveloped store in March, the supermarket chain submitted a Proposal of Application notice for new plans in early April.

Commenting, Jo said:

“As I explained to Tesco representatives today, the Milngavie community is not against Tesco, or a new store, but feel strongly that the scale of the store’s redevelopment remains an issue. Tesco must reflect on this point through their consultation process – a failure to do so would mean their potential store continues to overshadow the historic Gavin’s Mill site, conservation area and listed Milngavie railway station building.

“Tesco are making plans for community consultation on the redevelopment and the first phase of this will take place before the end of the month. I have encouraged them to carry out a wide variety of public consultation events and reach out to the community, rather than pursuing the same tokenistic style of consultation as last time.

“Whilst Tesco say they will remain ‘open-minded’, the real test will be whether they take on board the community’s views about the store’s size in developing a store that’s right for Milngavie.”

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