Timetable needed for consultation process and decisions on schools – Jo

Jo and Ross Finnie MSP have called on East Dunbartonshire Council to publish a timetable for the consultation process and decisions on its review of local schools.

Jo made the call in response to the publishing of the results of a controversial survey carried out by the Council on the future of local schooling.

Commenting, Jo said:

“The Council must now publish a full timetable for further consultation, making clear who will be consulted and when. Many local parents are concerned about the possibility of school closures and they need to know how they can make their views heard and when decisions will be made.

“It is also vital that they ensure that parents from all of East Dunbartonshire’s schools are represented in that process. This is far too important a matter to let decisions be made without thorough and genuine consultation with those most affected by it.”

Commenting, Ross Finnie said:

“The lack of clarity throughout this consultation has been startling, the process has been flawed from the start and it comes as no surprise to me that so many people are unhappy with the consultation.

“The Council must include parents from all East Dunbartonshire schools. The future of East Dunbartonshire’s schools must be decided through genuine consultation involving all stakeholders concerned.”

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