Tories’ ‘opportunistic’ attempt to stop votes from Scots MPs

Jo called for a constitutional convention to discuss solutions to current constitutional asymmetry

Jo Swinson has dismissed Conservative attempts to stop Scottish MPs voting on certain issues in the House of Commons as opportunistic.

Debated in Parliament today, Conservative MP Robert Walter’s House of Commons Participation Bill sought to prevent Members of Parliament from Scotland and Wales from voting in the UK Parliament on issues devolved to the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly.

Commenting after the debate, Jo said:

“The Conservative party is irrelevant to people in East Dunbartonshire and Scotland, but their attempt to restrict the voting rights of Scottish MPs is certainly not.

“It is quite clear that they want to ‘take Scotland out of the equation’ on education, health and other votes. Conservative MPs are now found almost exclusively south of the border and this Bill seeks to capitalise on that.

“The current situation is asymmetrical and does need to be addressed through a wide-ranging debate about our constitutional future, but this Bill is a self-serving and opportunistic measure that creates far more problems than it solves.”

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