Turnbull High welcomes Jo Swinson

The pupils at Turnbull High gave a warm welcome to Jo Swinson, when the MP paid a visit to the school earlier today.


Jo praised the interest and enthusiasm of the pupils following her visit to the school. During the visit, Jo chatted with 2nd and 3rd year classes about Parliament, the work of an MP and general political issues.

Commenting on the visit, Jo said:

“Speaking to pupils, it was clear that they have a great deal of enthusiasm and interest in politics. This ranged from questions about my work as an MP to broad political issues such as Iraq and climate change, to local issues such as the new schools project and Stobhill Hospital.

“Voting levels among young people have been worryingly low at recent elections. It is very rewarding to meet pupils that are keen to learn about politics, but somehow this interest is not being sustained when they reach voting age.

“If young people began voting in larger numbers, Parliament would be forced to take youth issues more seriously, which would ensure that we all enjoy a healthier democracy. The challenge is how to bring about this change.”

Jo recently put forward a motion in Parliament praising the ’2009 Project’, a scheme encouraging all under-35s to vote at the next general election, likely to be in 2009.

Modern Studies teacher Nancy Docherty, who helped arrange the visit, commented:

“The visit was a success and the pupils really enjoyed hearing from Jo. The pupils have recently completed a course on MPs and Parliament, and this visit helped bring the subject to life for them.”

Jo plans to visit other schools around East Dunbartonshire in the near future.

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