UK seas must be protected for the future - Jo

Local MP Jo Swinson has shown her support for a campaign to conserve and celebrate the UK’s diverse marine wildlife.

Jo signed a Wildlife Trust ‘Petition Fish’ scale with the Trust’s President Simon King OBE, adding her voice to calls for a network of well managed Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) that will adequately protect wildlife, and support recovery of sea life from past decline.

Commenting, Jo Swinson said:

“As an island nation, we have a strong connection to the sea and the thousands of plants and animals it sustains. However with stress on our seas from over-fishing, pollution and climate change we must ensure that they are adequately protected.

“Marine Protected Areas can help our seas to recover by restricting activities that can damage wildlife, so we must keep up the pressure on the Government to create a network of MPAs that will encourage our seas to flourish.”

For more information on the Petition Fish and details of how to sign it, go

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