UK Youth Parliament takes over the Commons

Jo has described as “momentous” the UK Youth Parliament debates in the House of Commons today.

Over 300 young people aged 11-18 representing constituencies across Britain are debating in the House of Commons today, marking the first time in history that anyone other than MPs has debated on the green benches. Topics for debate are university tuition fees, youth crime, public transport, lowering the voting age and the economy.

Jo, a passionate advocate for young people and until recently the youngest MP in the House of Commons, has welcomed the decision to allow the UK Youth Parliament to make use of the House of Commons.

Commenting, Jo said:

“This is a truly momentous day for the UK Youth Parliament. I hope that young people across Britain will see their peers in the House of Commons and feel inspired to get involved in politics. The topics being debated certainly help to demonstrate that politics is totally relevant to the lives of young people.”

“There is plenty we can learn from the UK Youth Parliament, which is actually far more representative of Britain than we are as MPs – 50% of MYPs are women and 22% are ethnic minorities.

“I remember being very nervous the first time I stood up to speak in the House of Commons, and I really admire the courage and enthusiasm of the young people debating there today.”

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