Unemployment falling in East Dunbartonshire

Jo has welcomed falling rates of unemployment in East Dunbartonshire, but said the Government must act to prevent them rising again.

Unemployment in East Dunbartonshire peaked in August this year at 3%, or 1,244 people, and began to fall in September for the first time since April 2008. According to new figures released last week, the number of people claiming unemployment benefits continued to fall in October, to 2.8%, or 1160 people. It is unclear at this stage whether this represents a blip or an ongoing trend. Meanwhile, the UK-wide unemployment rate continues to rise.

Commenting, Jo said:

“It is encouraging to know that unemployment is falling in East Dunbartonshire. However, there are still many people having difficulty finding jobs. This recession has been a particularly tough one, and it is not over yet. I will continue to lobby the Government to get banks – many of whom have had huge bailouts from the taxpayer – to start lending again to small businesses. I hope that, with the right Government action, this slight fall in unemployment will turn out to be an ongoing trend, and the number of people unemployed in East Dunbartonshire continues to fall next month and into the New Year.”

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