Unemployment rising again in East Dunbartonshire

Jo has criticised the Government’s reaction as the rate of unemployment in Scotland continues to rise.

The number of people claiming unemployment benefits in East Dunbartonshire rose to 1,208 in January, a rise of 90 people since December.

Unemployment in East Dunbartonshire had been slowly falling for four months, but has quickly risen back to its peak level of 3%, which was last reached in August 2009.

While unemployment across the UK fell in January, it rose by 10,000 in Scotland. Labour’s Employment Minister Jim Knight has described today’s figures as “good news”.

Commenting, Jo said:

“This is the second month in a row that Labour ministers have welcomed unemployment figures which shows that the situation in Scotland is getting worse, not better.

“After four months of steady improvement in East Dunbartonshire, I am deeply concerned that the number of local people unemployed has shot up again. Scotland’s economy is not seeing real benefits from Labour’s economic recovery package, and the Tories’ plans for deep spending cuts would only make things worse.

“What we need is real investment in Scottish construction and manufacturing to create green jobs and get people back to work.”

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