Video footage of Jo in Parliament now online

Jo’s maiden speech, appearances at Prime Ministers Questions and Scottish Questions can now be watched on Youtube

Jo Swinson has become one of the first politicians in the UK to make video clips of her appearances in Parliament available.

Jo, who secured a runner-up spot in the 2006 New Media Awards for her pioneering use of podcasting, has made her maiden speech, Parliamentary appearances at Prime Minister’s Questions and Scottish Questions available to watch.

Jo commented:

“By making my Parliamentary appearances available to watch online, people can more easily keep track of my work in Westminster.

“The ease with which video clips can now be accessed through the internet, along with other technological advances such as podcasting, is changing the way politics is practiced in Britain. These changes should be welcomed as heralding greater transparency, representation and participation in the political system as a whole.

“While advances in new media technology undoubtedly create new opportunities within the democratic process, we must be careful not to create a “digital divide” by ensuring everyone has equal access to the internet and information technology.

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