Waste management can bring cash boost for local businesses

Jo Swinson with Claire McNeil from Environmental Waste Systems Ltd

Jo viewed the work EWS is doing to help DFS save money on greener waste disposal methods

Finding green ways to manage waste can bring economic as well as environmental benefits to businesses in East Dunbartonshire, according to Jo Swinson.

Jo made the claim following a visit to see the work being carried out by Hamilton-based Environmental Waste Systems Ltd (EWS) in conjunction with furniture retailer DFS in Tollcross, Glasgow.

DFS began working with EWS in 2005 and now achieves recycling rates of up to 53% in some of its stores. In addition, waste management bills have fallen by more than £1,000 per site.

Jo said:

“I welcome this kind of link-up between environmental and retail companies to achieve substantial waste reductions. Clearly, waste management is a growth industry and companies like EWS are in a position to help a whole range of businesses take a greener approach to waste disposal.

“More and more, efficient waste disposal is becoming as important to businesses as efficiency in the delivery of a product. Companies are aspiring to become ‘zero-waste’, while services like EWS are offering the expertise to help them achieve this.

“For businesses in [Bearsden and Milngavie], there can be economic as well as environmental reasons for improving the way they deal with waste. From its work with Environmental Waste Systems, DFS is now saving £1,000 per site on waste management bills. Increasingly ‘waste’ is going to be seen more in terms of its potential as a resource with value for companies.”

EWS is a professional waste management company that works with businesses to improve the handling and recycling of waste. At DFS, EWS immediately replaced skips with compactors, enabling waste to be crushed on site and uplifted less frequently, and installed machines for baling polythene for recycling. Fewer uplifts have resulted in lower transport costs and reduced vehicle emissions while recycling has seen less waste sent to landfill sites – a major source of greenhouse gases

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