Website launched to help save Bishopbriggs Post Office

Jo Swinson and Cllr Margaret McNaughton continue the campaign against the closure of Bishopbriggs Post Office

Jo Swinson this week launched a website to help save Bishopbriggs Post highlights the planned closure by Morrisons of 21 Post Offices across the country, including Bishopbriggs. The website is designed as a resource to help groups campaigning against closures in different areas communicate and co-ordinate their efforts.

Local Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesperson Jo Swinson has been campaigning to save the Post Office facility and, as reported in the Bishopbriggs Herald previously, she has already submitted a 2300 signature petition to Morrisons urging them to rethink their plans.

Launching the website with Cllr Margaret McNaughton, Jo commented, “Post Offices are vital for local communities and yet Morrisons are closing post-offices around the country. The name of the website is intended to remind Morrisons that getting rid of Post Offices to make room for more ‘fresh produce’ is at odds with their own marketing message of “more reasons to shop at Morrisons”. Judging by the responses to my petition, for many people in Bishopbriggs the Post Office is one of the main reasons to shop at Morrisons. Many senior citizens or people with young children rely on local Post Offices.”

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