Westerton residents put speeding fears to Jo

Westerton resident Ken Sutherland wants to see additional speed humps installed on Maxwell Avenue

Westerton residents determined to slow down speeding motorists on Maxwell Avenue insist that increased traffic-calming measures must be put in place.

Jo Swinson listened to the concerns of residents as she visited Maxwell Avenue during morning rush hour today, to witness the situation first-hand.

Jo commented:

“It was encouraging to meet local people willing to turn out and express their views, as there are obviously very genuine concerns at stake.

“My colleagues on East Dunbartonshire Council have ordered additional monitoring of speed and volume of traffic on Maxwell Avenue, which is due to begin shortly.

“With the Council and the Police monitoring the situation, I hope it can be resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned.”

Westerton resident Ken Sutherland added:

“Many Westerton residents will testify to the noise and danger posed by speeding motorists on Maxwell Avenue.

Jo Swinson with Westerton residents on Maxwell Avenue“Extended traffic-calming measures are needed to rectify this unacceptable situation, which is currently an accident waiting to happen.”

A number of speed humps were installed on Maxwell Avenue in 2003, but some residents want to see these extended to reduce the speed of cars at the north end of the road. They have expressed concern over the speed at which traffic travels on this section of the road and brakes sharply on the approach the first set of speed humps.

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