World Environment Day: Government wasting time on climate change

Reductions in greenhouse gas emissions have stalled for the past 8 years

Jo Swinson has marked World Environment Day by criticising the Government for wasting time in the fight against climate change.

Figures produced this week by the Office of National Statistics reveal that the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions have fallen by just 0.4% since 1999.

Jo said:

“These figures show eight wasted years in the battle against climate change. For all the Government’s rhetoric, the reality is that emissions are little changed since 1999. It is highly embarrassing for the Government that these figures have been published in the same week as World Environment Day.

“MPs at Westminster will shortly begin debating the Climate Change Bill. I will be calling for the Government to adopt more ambitious CO2 reduction targets and annual progress reports on cutting emissions. The Government must not back away from this opportunity to put effective legislation in place to combat climate change.

“On World Environment Day, it is important to remember the impact that individual actions can have on reducing climate change. Over 40 per cent of CO2 emissions in the UK come directly from what we do as individuals; for example, heating and using electricity in our homes – and driving vehicles. We should all remember the small steps we can take, like driving less and turning off unused lights and appliances, which add up to a big reduction in our carbon footprint.”

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